Friday, December 9, 2011

The privilidge of dealing with good people

Privilidge. Three times this week. Training course, business meeting, golf.

A training course full of successful people who were open and interested in discussing how to use social media. Nobody was about to fed any bull, but didn't feel the need to look good at anybody's expense.

Again at a business meeting with a successful market research company. The operations manager sat in a bean bag, the owner/director perched on the edge of a big chair and the everybody just chatted through with respect for each other - clearly some levels of responsibility but no apparent feelings of superiority.

And then on a leave afternoon a round of golf with dear friend Klaus who has seen more of the machinations of a Uni than I plan to and is nobody's fool, but refuses to sign onto cynicism. Part of a nexus of lovely people who understand the humanity of their friends.

Some things are life affirming.

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