Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thankyou Coles: Opaque packaging for potatoes

What? Me grumpy? Perhaps too many years doing too many things.

But I do remember selling plastic packaging into the produce business where we were looking (briefly) at extended shelf life packaging for potatoes. We quickly arrived at the idea that you need an opaque bag with holes in it.

The industry tradition has been to put the potatoes in a pink polyethylene bag with holes in it. Let's not kid ourselves - the pink is not to reduce the sunlight hitting the potatoes. The pink bags are so that when - not if - the potatoes get a green tinge, the consumers couldn't tell. Still, the potato guys were stuck with what they had, people wanted to see the product they were buying so the bag needed to be transparent in some way.

But with the advent of cheap high quality flexibles printing, better margins on premium potatoes (yes home brands help with that) Coles have been able to do the right thing:

A black overall print (with a little window to see the product when you need to) and a high quality representation on front. A little benefit that when you fold over the half empty (or half full) bag the window gets entirely lost, and your potatoes are essentially in a black bag.

Personally I have decided that I only plan to get a week out of potatoes - they're so good when they're fresh.

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