Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's important? Consider why you're worried about losing it.

A series of events have recently caused me to consider the nature of comfort, the nature of tranquility and what I consider important. These events are the loss of:

A car park pass
A job
A dog

I've noticed that as I get older, I just like having some stuff locked down.

There's plenty going on that I can't control so simply driving into town, pulling into a park and walking into the office is an easy solution. It's comfortable. So my swipe card is in the pocket of a pair of pants, somewhere (or some other place) since the day before breakup. I want to go into town today to clear out my office, but realise I'm battling for parks with post Christmas shoppers. And it'll cost. Money that I've already spent to have a lost card.

My contract at Uni of Adelaide won't be renewed after January 20. I didn't own the job but I was playing as if for the long run and possibly spent too much time in the service of others and not writing my own journal submissions. As a bud said "he who goes out of his way to help another at some time needs to find his own way back." No matter, I'd always seen these roles as roles of service anyway, and wasn't surprised with the denouement. And the school has been great about it in the wash up. But it does give me that same uneasiness of losing the carpark pass.

And yesterday our three year old Labrador went missing. My fault, back gate left open. I was quietly distraught from 2pm to 7pm. Neighbour David called it in. What a price that would be. That girl just oozes love and devotion to us. We are out in the back yard with her for 2-3 hours a day. She is a part of the fabric of our family. The odd hole in the garden, chewed up piece of Tupperware or piece of fruit stolen from the trees is a small price to pay.

So in reflection, only the third item in the list really rates. It's about love, family, and doing the right thing by those who count on you. The third item isn't about simply manipulating my level of comfort. As a younger person I would say that comfort is overrated and security is an illusion. So I'm glad Halie's back. She helped remind me what's important.

UPDATE: I wrote that the night before last. Since then I found that carpark pass so will have the use of it until my job terminates on January 20. And Halie ate one of the chickens. Perhaps the real lesson is that the current situation doesn't stay current for long.

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  1. Glad you got Halie back- it's awful losing a beloved family pet. I still haven't got over losing Marmy the cat 4 years ago, much to my surprise- I need to quickly divert my mind to something else or I'll blubber.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch- you mean you WON'T be back at Adelaide Uni after Jan 20th? But but but... The contract is NOT being renewed? What chance did you have to reapply or justify your continuance?
    I hope you get re-instated or get a new contract there soon! I guess you must have some private interests that will bring home the bacon or you'd be panicking like I was when I got turfed 4 years ago!