Sunday, January 8, 2012

Carpet bomb the comfort zone?

No, that's Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now:

I know that every time (within my constraints) that I've been presented with a safe or a risk option, I've taken the latter. But I've never put it as forcefully as this guy: Stop playing it safe: #14 on a list of 25 from Chuck Wendig  

"Let 2012 be the year of the risk. Nobody knows what’s going on in the publishing industry, but we can be damn sure that what’s going on with authors is that we’re finding new ways to be empowered in this New Media Future, Motherfuckers (hereby known as NMFMF). What that means is, it’s time to forget the old rules. Time to start questioning preconceived notions and established conventions. It’s time to start taking some risks both in your career and in your storytelling. Throw open the doors. Kick down the walls of your uncomfortable box. Carpet bomb the Comfort Zone so that none other may dwell there."

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