Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gelateria closed on a 39 degree new year's eve?

I respect anybody's right to open their business on the hours that suit them. If you run a retail shop and can get by with a half a day a week trading, all power to you. Retail is a grueling business and I have huge respect for those who choose to be in it.

So "Pistacchio Gelateria" on the Norwood Parade must be doing fine. Yesterday on a 39degree day at noon, they were closed. Alrighty then.

But I did notice a few other things. My wife said "Meet me at Pistachio on the Parade" The Italian spelling made my google search return no results for "Pistachio Norwood", no biggie but there are ways to get Google to show you up, even if the spelling is wrong.

It just doesn't seem to make sense, making it hard for customers to find you or buy from you. And one little personal thing. No web presence. For free, one can set up a blog, put some logos and photos in there and at least look like you're trying.

In this case "Pistacchio" have let - the council?- catch the loose ball and at least get a google return.

My thoughts. From the comfort zone of a person who doesn't work retail. I sincerely hope that the owners of Pistacchio have been able to make their own choice not to trade. People in retail deserve all the time away from the shop that they can get.

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  1. They have now closed. Went there today to find an empty shopfront.

  2. Clarity, thanks for the update. Three months of Adelaide winte would put some huge pressure on a Gelateria on a high

  3. rent strip. I'm not pleased to hear it didn't work out, but just quietly, not surprised.