Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'll hit the "monetize" button soon

Not because I think that running a blog will make me too much money. I estimate maybe $10 per month at current activity levels. Not a wealth creation plan. I'd sort of promised myself that I wouldn't try to earn money from a blog until I hit 20k pageviews a month. I'm miles away from that but I want to learn about monetising. Not a wealth creation plan.

I might leave it until after my current contract terminates with this employer. That makes sense.

But I understand blogging an social media pretty well. I feel confident to advise on it. I only really learnt that by doing - and TBH making the odd disastrous mistake.

But I don't feel confident to advise on monetising, as I haven't done it. I consider that a barrier to giving advice. I've just been reading a page on "five ways to monetize your blog". Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you know. I'm learning.

So, to you, my reader, it won't mean much. You'll see a few banners and sidebars. I'll keep it small. If you want to tip me a few cents, hit the ad then the back button. That's the sneaky underground of blog advertising - we can give some advertisers' money to our friends. We're being shown the ads anyway, why not make the advertiser pay for it?

And I will find it interesting to see the sorts of ads that Google Adsense will think belong on my blog pages.

I might do a cpm, a few cents per page. Somebody (Adbrite I think) does that, but I can't see what's in it for them. We'll see.

I don't think I'll do the CPA - cost per action. That's where - say - Amazon pays me if you buy an advertised book. I'll post an update here if I go that route.

So, as with most things I do, this little exercise will be about me learning something. And as always I'm very thankful to the people who choose to click around my blog. Even the unfriendlies.

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