Sunday, January 22, 2012

Impressive Lleyton

For me there's a lot of things not to like about Lleyton. I got into a fist fight (to my embarrassment) with a Hewitt clone once, me the "seen it too many times guy" and the clone was the puerile "what's right for me is right". Still a little bent about it and still hadn't learnt that engaging with a bonehead is equally damaging to oneself, even if one's fighting on the good side.

And I've heard stories from local tennis up n comers at the time, where the 15 year old boy was furiously heckled by "team Hewitt" at memorial drive.

But as with Kieren Perkins at Atlanta, Hewitt had been written off for last night's match. I wish I'd watched it. But the writeup tells the story well.

When Raonic's smash sailed long to give up the critical break, that first brick hd been prized loose.

From there Hewitt simply turned the screws as baby-faced Raonic grew more apprehensive, and the Australian more emboldened.

What followed was a lesson in sheer execution, Hewitt ruthless as he closed out the match.

So many had dared to pen Hewitt's tennis obituary, which ignored his best attribute: he is a born competitor.

He turns 31 late in February - old for a tennis player but not geriatric - which is why the push to retire him is mystifying.

And at the same time, Amber Halliday's recovery I see as an equally great achievement. Equal achievement doesn't bring equal accolades.

So I can forgive Lleyton, as I bow to his "never say die" attitude. Even with the peanut I scuffled with almost ten years ago, a relentless aggression is a curiously attractive thing.

LleyLley of course has the added benefit of having succeeded.

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