Sunday, January 29, 2012

My first day as a ronin in twenty years

I think it may have been September 1991 that I was last out of contract. It's a funny feeling of sorts. I've always liked to be on somebody's team, even if I make them nervous.

I am still listed to do a lot of teaching, but on a piece-by-piece basis. Late last year the people I work for openly advertised the fixed term contract I'd been working on for four years (2+2) and I was not the successful applicant. Nobody should own a job, and any employer has the right to say who works for them and in what manner. It's a pillar of the free market system.

But it does put me in the unfamiliar territory of being out of contract. It seems unlikely, given the amount I've been asked to do, "rainy day" funds and my innate earning power, that the bank will foreclose on us. But I do like the (even mirage like) idea that an employer is as interested in me as I am in them, so I will keep my eyes open for that type of employer.

I have a few things presenting themselves to me at the moment. But I will make haste slowly. So for now, it's business as usual. I am a (now adjunct) lecturer at a South Australian university. I am teaching Brand Management to both postgrads and undergrads, MBA marketing management in both Adelaide and Singapore and developing an online version of the highly successful market research course as well as supervising two student interns. In my own time I am co-supervising three PhD students. And my dealings with the students have always been the best part of my work in academia. And the students seem to like being taught by me.

It's a great way to pay the bills and keep myself busy, for now.

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