Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prakky on social media to an ABC audience

Good on you, Michelle. The first of (I hope) mnay spots on 891 talking about social media.

This is a recent interview that Prakky did last week. The vision (because I had to supply some) is from a recent 'tiser srrticle.

If you're looking for something to read while you're listenting here's the text from one of Prakky's most recent blogs.

When you use social media for business, there are a lot of benefits.
But one of those benefits is often overlooked. And that drives me nuts.
And that’s the benefit to yourself, as an individual.

Take one of my clients as an example. Last year I worked with a government health body to deliver a social media strategy. And as we worked through  the plan, as so often happens, the team I worked with learned more about social media and became bolder in how they used it.
I taught them how to use Twitter. I encouraged them to connect with others. We found hashtags they were interested in, and we found trustworthy tweeters from their sector that they could learn from.

We also looked at similar government bodies who were using social media, and in fact we ended up having a face to face meeting with one. The professionals around the table found they were working on a lot of similar projects, and there were opportunities for them to share resources. They are now working more closely together.

Now, as a result of knowing more about social media, those clients are:
  • Using Twitter to find and share industry news
  • Finding different ways of doing things, through conversations with peers they trust
  • Following conference proceedings via Twitter hashtags
  • Raising their own profiles within their sector and building a name for themselves
So remember, when others may be bagging social media when it isn’t achieving overnight sales or building a brand, there are many other uses for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. And a lot of those will be at an individual level, benefitting employees and employers (and eventually clients and customers).

I’m sure you have a few stories to share, in terms of how social media has helped your workplace learning and connections.

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