Friday, January 27, 2012

A reason Google may be a dream job?

Just a little one, but Bob Sutton had a little look at Google recently:

Google: "A place where it simply isn't efficient to act like an asshole."

The second reason, as senior executive Shona Brown told me in 2006 or so (she was #4 in those days, and now heads, is that Google appears to be a place where it simply isn't efficient to act like an asshole. When The No Asshole Rule first came out, I did a talk at Google and asked the crowd if Shona was telling the truth. The general sentiment was she was right, but more telling was, afterwards, a young woman came up to talk to me. She patiently waited for everyone else to leave. Then she seemed rather nervous as she started talking about Shona's words. This woman admitted that she really wasn't a very nice person. But after a few months at Google, she learned that she had to be nice to everyone, because otherwise, she couldn't get anything done! Now that is a sign that an organizational norm is working.

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