Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some control over you doesn't mean total control

On a little list I have that I call "things I believe" there was this one:

"It's a big mistake to think that a person who has some control over you has control over everything you see them caught up in, around you"

Have a look at the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) student above. BTW you can do that at Lower Light or Langhorne Creek for $450 with 8 hours training.

The two jumpmasters - they're in freefall too. Sure, they've got at least 600 more jumps than the student - normally thousands - but they're in the same environment with essentially the same equipment. The jumpmasters are still falling to the earth at 200km/h with two parachutes on their back. They're flying with you and will help you but essentially they've got their own skydive to do.

I first saw this 22 years ago when Chubb took over a company called Fire Fighting Enterprises. The FFE state manager had to talk his staff through a bunch of redundancies and uncertainty, all in the full knowledge that he was probably on the block too. I think he was. Rodney is fine now, owns his own safety business with 20 employees.

20 years ago, a guy called Gary Parsons look me in the eye and say "you won't be talking yourself out of this one, this time, Cullen.

The people who have control of you are in the mix too. If they've survived, it's because they have been pragmatic in the fights they've taken on. I still think of Gary with great fondness. I hope he did eventually secure his dream of setting up a Swan River cruise business. But he might still be selling shoes.

I was once a store manager with a staff of one where senior management had said "get rid of her. I don't care how, but she's finished." They essentially wanted me to walk through the process of "first warning, second warning, dismiss" - standard retail process for sacking in its day. Long story but the upshot was that I was the one who left, and it took me a while to get unbent about that one.

But a little closer to home.

Recent employment has had me as a lecturer to a lot of students. I'm getting a lot of requests for LinkedIn endorsement and to act as a referee. I love to do it. Just remember that I'm in the mix too. I happen to have been the lecturer with the responsibility for putting your mark into the system. I've been in freefall a few more times than you, maybe, but I'm still just on a skydive with you. There are about three people with whom you'd best avoid the mention of Cullen Habel. It's unlikely you'll be meeting them.

As my father in law says "I'll be the boss today, you be the boss tomorrow". Nothing is static. I'll be your reference now, you be mine tomorrow. The lion and the mouse is real.

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