Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some things that make soldiers good

Adelaide born singer songwriter Becky Cole

Went to Iraq to entertain the soldiers in Iraq in 2006, and in response to criticism from her fans came up with this one:

"and if unlike me you feel no pride at all
Then go ahead and take me off your wall
Cos I'd prefer to be a poster girl
On the wrong side of the world"

But I heard her talk to Felicity Urquhart last Sunday (filling in for Macca, what a delight) and they spoke about what they liked about the soldiers. In particular they liked

The way they were really organised and how they treated each other with such respect

My very limited dealings with military people have me agreeing. A chief instructor at a drop zone was one, another was I guy I walked Kokoda with the second time. The guy on the track was a true professional. We were all exhausted - he was ill - but this guy was the one who took the time to talk to the kids in the villages. It was easy to see that the training and the culture promotes some strong personal qualities.

I know it's a marines thing, but the spirit of Sempre Fi does not seem too far from our military people, too.

So when I met Shane I came to feel that we were being well represented over there and so, it seems, does Becky Cole.

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