Monday, January 30, 2012

Why it's still "Cullen of Adelaide"

Yesterday a close friend asked me if with my change in circumstances I'd have to change the title of my blog, or Twitter handle. Ahem, that's one thing I don't think I'll lose, but we'll see.

Back in 1991, a larger than life Norwood Football Club identity started referring to me - the humble bar manager - with the grandiose title "Cullen of Adelaide". I would reply "Michael of Norwood". I think he liked me. Btw does anybody know where Greg Fisher is now?

I still didn't feel locked in, but I was only a year married into my Adelaide based Italian family. When legendary bosses Rod Davis and John Mitton recruited me to Cryovac in 1993, even their newspaper ad stated "must be prepared to move interstate for career advancement". I admire honesty.

As I danced around the topic in the job interview we all knew what was going on. After seven years in what I consider the best ever sales job we parted ways, and I went to work for a university. Nobody was too surprised. I knew by then that even if I was collecting shopping trolleys, I would remain "of Adelaide".

As well as a huge network of business friends I would not leave my extended family.

So, Cullen of Adelaide it shall be. And I can be the black swan, or resilient cockroach.

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