Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fate has tossed me a bone, maybe

I'm at a "turbo-charge your research" workshop which has really amounted to a time management one. But the outtake is good. And I think fate has tossed me a bone, maybe two. There's less of the frenzied demand on my time regarding emails, committees, policy debates, workload issues. Things that other people think are important.

Sitting quietly in the garden
The metaphor I use is the (few) times I have just lay in a hammock in the garden. After about ten minutes I see birds I've never seen, heard sounds I've never heard, find solutions I'd never considered.

Somebody, yesterday, asked me if I'm looking for jobs. My answer - a little. But mostly I'm just sitting in the garden. My ex employer has helped, by tossing me a heap of paying work - excellent - and over the last week I have had three really valuable things just emerge. All of which I've chosen to say "no" to, for now.

I think I will sit quietly a little more often.

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