Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kate Ellis righteous anger the right response

Last week was a bruising week. At the time I felt a purge was in order but if JG gets some clear air it could work. Bruising, in an example of my philosophy of "your hell is their hell too" tough guy senator Mark Arbib has left.

A big thing for me last week was Kate's outburst. As I dropped the kids off to school I listened to Kevin Rudd talking about how people were saying mean things about him and he'd never do that.

Kate was apparently on hold, waiting for interview.

In her position I'd be saying "that f&@$er, I was at a function with him a year ago when he was bagging the shit out of everyone he worked with"

I don't think Kate would ever say that. But when she got on the radio her voice was shaky, I could tell she was angry, and she told the truth. At the time she just seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon, but on reflection it was righteous anger. I like that.

Unguarded righteous anger is often a career limiting move but every now and again it's helpful. This instance showed Kate Ellis to be human.

I'm just a little bit proud that she's my local member. Hence my problem at election time. I feel the Labor party has to go, but can't imagine life without Kate.

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