Friday, February 24, 2012

Look outside all you want. You still wake up with yourself.

The Labor leadership saga has one overarching moral. You can fix everything around you. You can point blame at other people, send them off to Coventry, set all your people onto them.

But if the problem is you, you can run but you can't hide. You still wake up with yourself.

Make no mistake. I'll poke my eyes out with a burning stick before I call Kate to tell her I'm behind Kevin.

But killing Kevin on Monday will not solve the problem. Julia. Yeh yeh, she's got a hard job, hung parliament and all of that. Who knows where the fault lies and Julia Gillard might be the best player in an impossible position.

But Rudd is right, JG has lost the confidence of the Australian people. That's the problem. She still has to wake up with herself. And at the moment Kevin is arguing that he's the salvation. For sure he has more confidence from the Australian people. Probably not enough. In the tradition of Shakespearean tragedies, a purge is in order. In Hamlet, minor character Prince Fortinbras of Norway came forward after their bloodbath.

On an aside. Certain animals need to be killed with the first shot. If you can't then don't take the shot. JG may accuse Rudd of being ungrateful - "after all I've done for him, the plum job of foreign minister" and all that. But she had no choice then, either. She barely got away with the knifing as it was. She was not in a position to kill with the one shot. If a wounded pig is dangerous then an injured cunning, sly, wild dog is surely worse.

So for those who lurch from terminating one external foe to the next without looking inwards, this is the tale writ large. If Kevin simply ceased to exist today - got marooned on Gilligan's island for instance - Julia Gillard's problems would simply take another face.

So I suppose there's the tragedy. Look inwards too much and make yourself ripe for criticisms of self indulgence. Point outwards too much and you'll never see the real problem. The one you wake up with.

Props to high school English teacher John Hartstone (Para Hills c1984) who gave me lots.

UPDATE: This piece by a former speechwriter of Rudd's is powerful. And as this guy says - history will judge JG kindly. Excellent, another chance for me to be wrong:

Time we heard truth about the real Kevin

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