Friday, February 3, 2012

Moneyball was an inspirng story of brains and toughness

Brad Pitt looking more like Robert Redford than ever:

Building a team as a general manager with a $40m player budget where the going spend was $120m.

  • His first brave step was to think differently,
  • second he backed an unknown nerdy kid,
  • third he faced down the entrenched system (of scouts using their intuition)
  • fourth he stayed true to his vision - traded "important" players they wanted to keep
  • fifth he worked closely with his people and they knew they could count on him
This is not a story about baseball. It's a story about a guy who saw the future should be done a different way, and he broke the mould. Billy Beane still hasn't won a series yet since 2002 (budgets do count for something) but two years later the Red Sox did, because he changed the game. Left the dinosaurs behind.

It inspired me because it reminded me that often the people who make the biggest differences are derided for it. That sometimes there's a good reason for saying 'I reject your model" but nobody will thank you for it.

Moneyball was a good movie.

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