Sunday, February 26, 2012

My $9 meal and take home stash

Sat night in Singapore. Finished teaching about 7:30

raced out to Orchard to pick up some Occitane for Sylv and Giordano for the kids. Came back and had my fantastic $9 meal at River Valley Rd Hawker Centre.

Then to the Cold storage to get green tea for 2.15 for six and a pile of Mentos for 65c a stick plus some "Skippy" (never heard of it) peanut butter for a Singaporean buddy living in Australia.

Teaching 9-4 tomorrow, then on a plane 9pm to be back in Adlaide 6.55am the next day. Yay.

Great students here, the course is going well and I like Singapore. I might even become an expat one day.

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