Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tweeting a Wednesday

My third day out of contract but still doing about 140% of the teaching for my erstwhile employer. I get the chance to unabashedly tweet an eclectic weekday. They won't all be like this, I do need to get a f/t job one day, maybe, but this one will be a little fun.

I hope you don't choose to unfollow.

But I will go to a breakfast of the Adelaide MBA alumni - it may be a swansong or continued networking, but I owe it to go to at least one more. I have a Skype meeting with education giant Kaplan in Florida and our nice Adelaide based program director to plan to roll out our highly successful market research course as an online offering. I'll punch away some emails to the two MBA courses I'm running in tri 1 in Singapore and Adelaide then I'll run up to Mount Barker hit some balls around 18 holes with some great old friends. I don't even know exactly who'll be there, but these guys have kept me sane.

This is the 7th hole, we normally get to it by about 2.30 and yes, I've always been off the clock when I've been here. Ask my ex boss Barry who would get the midnight leave requests.

So my twitter buddy Prakky was running a hashtag called #workwed last year. A search indicates it might not still be running. But I'll be thrashing it today.

I hope you don't choose to unfollow.

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  1. Hi Cullen

    #Workwed did founder a little - I confess I grew tired of it and wasn't promoting it very much! But it survives because people continue to use it every week (some weeks more than others). So fire away. I think I'll contribute today, too ...