Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beyond the Obvious: Kony2012 deserves a lot of thought

I can't put my head to it right at the moment, but there's a maelstrom of social media buzz around the 30 minute video on Joseph Kony, Ugandan warlord.

I haven't watched it and all I've done is watch the "to and fro" around the video. In order to look beyond the obvious on this one I know my starting perspective is this:

  • Horrible things happen in places all around the world
  • Many of these things are unknown by us
  • Sometimes the most important things are not the most well known
  • "Not for profits" are still businesses, competing for "consumer" spend
  • These businesses vary greatly in how well they turn donations into good deeds

For me, this is a moment to prop, and try to see the bigger picture. I had a look at this Washington Post Article, which might look beyond the obvious a little, but it's only a start.

UPDATE: Cousin in law Tae posted a clever FB insight

Tae Lee: in this day and age, who knows what is real? gotta keep on your toes, question everything, including the counter argument..
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