Saturday, March 24, 2012

If not now, then when?

I was just off pottering around my father in law's gardens, on his behalf. I'm delighted that he's over in India - his second oldest daughter (and her family) are there for some work and it made sense for Luigi and Dora to go there too.

And thank goodness that they went. The guy is over seventy, double knee reconstruction and multiple heart bypass. If not now, when? I hope he gets the burn and spends his every last opportunity to sip the nectar of life.

And it's a lesson I can take too. Yeh got the wolves at the door, but Miss 11yo is due for a trip up to Cairns to see Pops. Mr 8yo is overdue for a "tagalong" trip when I teach in Singapore, the older two have had Dad to themselves that way, at least once.

If not now, when?

So yes, I might be spending a little money I hadn't planned to.

My older friends tell me the financial pain doesn't last forever but the opportunities for magic moments with the kids disappear in an instant. I might listen to them.

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