Monday, March 19, 2012

Sincerity: A most important ingredient

This is a chance for me to also mention my second passion - growing plants.

But a blog post last night for Seth Godin helped remind me of the power of actually caring for the people you work with, or sincerely engaging.

My father in law has a birthday today. What do you give a guy who has just about everything? Perhaps something that engages with who he is, and his history?

This was once a beautiful big old fig tree, in the back of what was Luigi's house, my wife's childhood home. My best memory of this tree was seeing Luigi's (late) sister at the age of 70, atop a ladder in the middle of summer hunting down the nicest fig on the tree.

But life goes on. Fiorina died years ago (sadly), Luigi redeveloped the back, and the fig has made way for a new carpark. But I managed to get some cuttings, strike them and repot one to give to him tonight for his birthday.

Perhaps if I was more than simply gestures, I would be picking up a shovel and doing some of the real work in the place but I think the time for that is fast approaching anyway. And I'll just settle, at the moment, for putting food on my family's table.

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