Thursday, April 5, 2012

And I remember what "Carpe Diem" is

I have a Facebook buddy. One day, ten years ago, she did some rigging for me on a parachute I had. It was the first real parachute I jumped and I was all excited about it. And Jules was cool, did it on a Saturday morning when she'd rather be in the sky.

And she stayed with the sport. But in the (rather more funky) canopy relative work (CReW) part of skydiving. Generally a skydiver will do freefall, and all sorts of cool stuff there, and when one has a canopy out, one rides it home. You don't fuck with a working canopy.

Unless you do CReW. Then you open high, fly next to each other, walk on each others parachute at 8000ft and build stacks and diamonds. Cool.

Pretty, huh? And peaceful, right? But remember you're doing this shit pretty high up, you're not on that backyard swing and if it goes wrong you're like a billiard ball in a sock. At 6,000 feet.

So that put me all the more in awe of Jules who got this photo up onto Facebook about a rugged skydive she did recently.


Jules is second from the left. Certainly seizing the day.

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