Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The “half back flanker”

(Adapted from a letter of thanks to a boss, some years ago)

Every person has their own style. I believe individual styles can be well represented by the positions on a football (Aussie rules) ground. From my late start (at 29) I was tried in a number of positions – the classic square peg situation. Ruck; couldn’t jump, wing; too slow, full forward; no accuracy, half forward; no “ball getting” skill.

I finally found my place. A previous - great - boss who loved footy suggested it to me. He said "the negating, grinding, dogged role probably suits you, Cullen". (thanks boss. I know you say it with love). The position required stamina, aggression, team spirit, goal directedness and persistence. The half back flank suited me. In [this new career] [this particular boss] recognised those qualities in me and opened the door a crack. I appreciate being given the chance to play.

There is, of course the rhyming slang that reminds me of [colleague A]’s comment when she saw my fountain pen. “Using one of those makes you a certified wanker”.

Perhaps that’s what a person might mean when they call me a ‘half back flanker’.

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