Friday, April 20, 2012

Hoping to have some bright power

I am exploring the idea of bright power, as opposed to dark power.

Bright power - to me - is where one has a life affirming effect on others. Some time ago I stood at a crossroads - I was invited down the path of dark power.

It culminated in the silliest utterance I've ever made:

"I'd rather be feared than loved"

I did not manage to stay on that path, and I see it very clearly now. Nothing is too high a price for me to be on the path of bright power. Luckily fifteen years of (more or less) trying to do the right thing had my goodwill account in credit.

And regardless of any censure I might get as I go about this ("Cullen you care too bloody much about these sorts of things") the consistent positive reports are hard to ignore. Sure, goodwill doesn't put food on the table, but I can take care of that myself, in some other way.

But I won't be working forever. I can't handle the idea that when a person hears my name in twenty years that they say "yeah I had him at Uni, what a prick".

So I'm hoping to have a little bright power.

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