Saturday, April 21, 2012

If I unfriend you on Facebook

If I'm at a cocktail party that's not work related I'll probably gravitate towards people I have stuff in common with.

If I happen to be in a one-one-one conversation where all I get is contrary opinions I'll probably engage, if the person seems to have done some of their own thinking, rather than a bunch of slogans. But I might eventually lose interest.

If I am in a conversation group where everything you say to me is a rejection of what I have already said, and very public, then I will probably try to exit the situation.

Cullen's not in your stream any more?
If you find that I have unfriended you, there's probably a great chance that this is what has happened, at least from my perspective. It doesn't mean I don't like you, just that I don't need you in that particular space, behaving that way.

Facebook is where I play. Sure I link my blog content to there and if you're sick of seeing it then - I beg you - hide me or unfriend me. It's not personal; if you don't like what I'm saying then take me out. No biggie. It's happened plenty and I can handle it.

Or if you wish to engage the topic, then use the comments section in the blog. That's what it's there for.

And if you find we are not friends and hit the button again I'll be delighted. Easy.

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