Monday, April 9, 2012

Saddened by Kathy Lette

There's some furore in the Daily Mail at the moment. Samantha Brick in Britain has complained that her beauty is the reason that other women are treating her badly.

Predictably this has brought a howl of hatred down upon her.

This is dangerous territory for a male to enter, and it appears (from the replies to her blog) that men have tried to stay out of it. Perhaps. I'll try to avoid that particular discussion as best I can, too. There's also the possibility that some men are taking pleasure in women fighting with each other, and maybe there is a grand misogynist conspiracy.

That's certainly how author Kathy Lette has seen it. In an interview, just then on the ABC, Ms Lette managed to take what is (on the surface at least) an issue amongst women and run the entire list of crimes that men are perpetrating upon women.

That women are assessed first on their looks but that men are not, that men like to see women (metaphorically) mud wrestling, that if males could only think about personality the world would be a better place, that newspapers are basically a woman hating environment, and a few others I can't remember.

Many of Kathy Lette's points are important, but she drew a long bow to connect the Samantha Brick furore to all of her points. And the fact that she seemed so intent on making the problem one about men - well that just made me a little sad. And I need to resist that (predominantly male I think) urge to convert that sadness to anger.

There are plenty of women talking more sense than Kathy Lette, in my opinion. Not that they are any less challenging to males, just a little more - well - sensible.

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  1. I followed the Samantha Brick articles on DM too. The whole argument wasn't about whether she was pretty or not (most didn't deny that she was attractive) it was her arrogance and the way she blew her own trumpet so much. It was putting words in other people's mouths and I think that was the cause of the backlash. She's certainly damaged her brand that's for sure!