Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tony Abbott should know better and Germaine Greer doesn't care - or vice versa?

I've mentioned how we're all broadcasters now with the radio announcer who (semi) privately trashed Adelaide on Facebook and got howled down. Except FB isn't private.

There was nothing private in Germaine Greer's trashing of PM Julia Gillard on Q&A last week:

You've got a fat arse, Julia, just get on with it

At least Greer is what she is. I can have a measure of respect for that. As I do with Amanda Vanstone. And the comment - man, who cares? I've truly never thought about the cut of our PM's clothes (and certainly not their arse) since the days of Paul Keating. And that was only because everyone was talking about Keating's $2000 Zegna suits (and not his arse).

And, Tony, you could have approached it that way. But when the lady brought it up with you, you had to say "I know, I know, Germaine was right on that subject". A close reading of the event shows he was responding to a comment about JG's jackets, but he did skewer himself. Near enough is good enough in these things.

One interesting thing is the logical standoff. How, if Abbott is misogynistic then so, too must be Greer?

But what's on my mind is how much of a joke is Germaine? The modern, younger, successful women are right to shun the title of "feminist" if feminism's elder statesperson behaves this way.

And for any of us who are tempted to cut Professor Greer some slack, be it out of nostalgia or sisterhood I humbly recall that "all that is required for evil to prevail is for good [people] to do nothing". and surely, taking pot shots at anyone over physical attributes is just a little uncool?

It's all a bit bizarre to me. I'll leave it at "Tony, you could've left that one alone".

As I get older, my greater wins come from things I don't say rather than things I do. And that's a challenge, as often I'm paid - pretty well - to say stuff.

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