Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blogging: Sometimes I think I have the silliest hobby

I echo the words of Greg Jericho as I say that with blogging, sometimes I think I have the silliest hobby.

A guy from law told me, last week, that this and most of my other engagement activities (with students and beyond) goes against everything he's ever learnt. Better a vacuum than giving ammunition to your detractors.

A young guy I respect gave me a "you are hopeless" look when I told him I was incorporating blogging into some of the teaching I'm doing. Given, he watched me seriously damage myself as I was learning the etiquette of the medium.

A senior guy says "I simply wouldn't have the time" but probably doesn't spend hours at kids sports, waiting for appointments or in front of the TV. It's certainly not work time that gets my blogs written. But then as an independent contractor it's all work time and it's all play time.

But, then I heard Harry Vanda still writes and plays music every day. The Easybeats legend says that "it's like something else, it's gotta come out". With my blogging, an uncharitable soul might say that the metaphor doesn't end there.

But another way to think about it is whether you choose to write your life in pencil, pen, indelible marker or not at all. I've often thought that people who write important letters in pencil are playing the angles with a 1984 style "rewrite the past, change the future". Pen can be overprinted thanks to correction fluid, but indelible marker stays there. And once something is in a blog, it's indelible. If one has done something stupid in the past, the only way to deal with it is to say "that was then, I think I was wrong, and this is how I feel now", and "sorry" if one truly feels that way. And for me, knowing that I'm accountable to my future self - that helps me make decisions about the present.

Or you can just choose to not write the letter at all.

But, to many a reasonable person I do have the silliest hobby ever.

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