Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dolan at Deadline

I have a buddy who has a business. Bespoke software and database solutions, plus many other things. He now employs one of our graduates, the wonderful Emily Clark, had Will Lake and Minh Khang Tran as interns and earlier, five groups of students ran a market research project for feasibility study on one of his projects.

Sean recently beat me at golf. And I owe him. Both for the bets and for the invitation to beautiful Kooyonga.

I have another buddy. Works as marketing and communications manager for her family owned winery. Brother Tim and Father Nigel as winemakers.

So it's my pleasure to put Sean Heylen and Rebecca Dolan (Deadline and Dolan Family Wines) together. Even if - for now - it's just about taking Sean out a bottle.

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