Friday, May 4, 2012

"I don't listen to Twitter"

I was talking to a businessperson today and said "I don't think your customers are happy, you should see what they're saying on Twitter" to which I got:

"I don't listen to their twitter, they don't know what they want"

I reluctantly agreed that sometimes staying true to a company vision is the way to go, that market research would never have demanded that Apple produce an iPad.

But I don't think this guy is hatching a vision for his version of the iPad.

And "the customer is always wrong" (a line I've once or twice gained solace from) is very dangerous unless you have some alternative blinding insight (such as with Apple from the whole staff being super power users).

So I changed the topic of conversation and let this guy hold a view that would put his consumer demand in the toilet.

Not out of spite, but exhaustion

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  1. The customer is not alway right, but they have the money, we want it and we need to respond in such a way that they will continue to open their wallet!