Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ethics: When you're comfortable that even your darkest thoughts could be public

I have a buddy is running some tutorials for another course with the week's topic being marketing ethics. These can be convoluted questions, best addressed by a philosophy department. And for me, it's important to have simple rules, or codes.

A great manager from the past, a guy called Michael Chong used what I call "the newspaper test". Are you comfortable that your action - if it appeared in tomorrow's newspaper would you be ok?

And I think it can go further. A sign of a true life, an authentic life, could be that if even your darkest thoughts, made public, wouldn't damage you.

I've had my moments, happily fading further into the past. I certainly don't believe in "no regrets".

Thanks Camille, for pointing out the spelling error.

So, not everything should be public. Many things nobody cares about. But if my darkest thoughts were to get out there, I think I could live with it.

A simple test, with its flaws, but what I'm using at the moment.

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