Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Hungry Thirsty" perhaps a stupid ad but clever marketing

Ok then. I don't get the ad.

I quite like the 50+ rough guy walking through the sideshow doing a piece to camera about "kills hungry thirsty dead". But the sideshow, the growling, the drag queens and the animal suits - what the?

So perhaps a bad execution.

But "hungry thirsty"? Somebody is clever there.

Fourteen years ago I was doing a few sales calls with Erin, who worked in our office and was the backstop of what we did.

When I said "let's stop and get something" she said "ok, just a milk drink of some sort".

I know from much other talk that milk is a food, so I got the feeling even back in 1998 that Erin had "hungry thirsty".

So I think Dairy Farmers are onto something with this idea. A need that some people have, that they couldn't put a name to.

Shame about the execution.

UPDATE after putting this ad in front of three groups of students ands pondering the strategy, I even take back what I said about the execution. The "piece to camera" is cool, as a student said reminiscent of the "Old Spice" ad. The guy resonates with me. And the quirky style provides cut through, the holy grail of a TV as. At least for me it was "what the hell is this guy talking about" long enough for me to get the message. Good execution. Great execution. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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