Saturday, May 26, 2012

This engagement thing is all fine, but..

Remember where our sales come from. Light and infrequent buyers.

A nice blog post about why not to annoy your customers. I think it becomes a little self important when it says:

To accomplish this you will need to know what is really important to people and what high level needs remain unfulfilled within the context of their larger lives.

Because most categories have only a limited opportunity to engage with people at that level. I have very high (behavioural) loyalty to some particular brand of chip. Every week, after golf, with my friends in the bar. I am so lightly engaged with them that I can't even remember the brand. (Red Rock, perhaps. High quality graphics, solid single colour designs, interesting flavours).

Thanks Google for helping me find it. Yes, that's the brand.
It's not unfulfilled needs that's getting these sales from me. It's physical and mental availability. Red Rock Deli are not meeting, and never will meet, "higher level needs within the context of my life".

But marketing is important. To establish these memory traces that gives us a chance to remember the brand when a buying situation arises.
And make no mistake, this is a major challenge of marketing. Quantity of these memory links is very important. That means to maximise the number of contacts, and maximise the number of attribute takeouts. So perhaps an engaging piece of communication is the way.

Now, how to replicate that, millions of times.

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  1. Thanks. That was a good marketing article. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts about the new CommBank marketing campaign called 'Can'. New advertising agency and Toni Collett.