Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who's the boss?

Wasn't that some c-grade sitcom from the 1980s?

As I was trawling through a few old posts, I found the one I made that misrepresented my father in law's sage comment.

In his world, the force of right could make you the boss. Luigi would design bathrooms and build them. sometimes a strongminded individual would force Luigi to do what he says.

For instance Luigi might say "yes I can use that leftover "no more gaps" rather than bathroom silicon to seal your shower alcove" - he never did, but humour me.

And a year later when the leaks had made their way through the floor, down the walk-in robe and destroyed all the gyprock and maybe some clothes, he would come back and solve the problem.

So Luigi's real point was "You be the boss today, and I'll be the boss tomorrow", when it came time to fix up the mess.

So sometimes in life, the boss is the person who has right on their side. Perhaps not as often as we'd like, though.

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