Friday, May 11, 2012

Your product choice decision depends on how it's presented

The impact of choice context on consumers’ choice heuristics - Armando Corsi & Larry Lockshin

My friend, Armando, and prof Larry Lockshin are presenting this material at the European Marketing Academy Conference next week. They did this quite a while back, but set up a choice experiment that presented two different wine list styles, each with the same choice sets with the alternatives ordered in two different ways:

In price order
In order of sensory profile

Using a full profile discrete choice experiment (logit model) they made some sense of putting the consumer into an uncomfortable choice environment.
They found that when the task was set up in a less familiar structure (ie wines not listed in price order) the consumers used fewer attributes in their choice decision.

That seems to square with the idea of cognitive load. If the consumers are using more of their brainpower simply embarking on the choice task, they'll use less of it on the choice itself. Perhaps that's useful of you're listing wines with simple, clean messages of high salience. Therefore if the region, variety, style combinations on your wine list are particularly strong, you might reduce the price elasticity and increase the profitability in your wine line.

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