Monday, June 11, 2012

A 41 gun salute? Sounds odd.

Just a musing. Prince Philip will receive a 41 gun salute.

I understand the concept of a 21 gun salute. A standard ceremonial drill formation is a body of 21 soldiers, seven files by three ranks. Each carrying a gun provides a 21 gun salute. A number other than a multiple of three means the body of soldiers has a hole n it, or two, second file from the left.

Aha. So a 42 gun salute makes more sense but doesn't sound so cool. I'll tell you if I find anything, in case you care.


Just as well it was only a musing. These weren't [rifles] fired by individuals but guns, real guns, fired by ceremonial gunners.

And when it's like that, I suppose you can fire as many as you like.

21, 41, and 62 seem to be the tradition.

How cool. And I love the queen. Despite my "first blush" thoughts that Australia could be a republic.

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