Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting tagged can be physically draining

Watching our nine year olds play a game of footy. At this level, tackling is against the rules, but you wouldn't know it. They're playing a tough little team.

And I forgot what happens in this game. As you run through a pack with the ball in you hands, the arms that reach out and slap you across the chest, pretending to be reaching for the ball.

Not really illegal, not even really dirty, but draining. The physical pain saps your energy, bit by bit, until it's hard to concentrate.

But back to today. One of the great little players came off just before half time in tears of frustration and some pain after some excessive attention.

But with some kind (and strong) words from the coach and the obvious care of the parents, the young boy took a mark and a goal in the first few minutes of the third quarter.

And I'm seeing that the tagging is taking a toll on my young fella, too. A lesson well learnt. Tough game, I'm proud of them.

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