Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Introduction Landing Page

Thanks for keying in my shrunk URL that I included in my follow up email.

I've embedded it in my blog on a date that had quite some significance to me some time ago.

I made a commitment to myself recently that - if I got a person's business card I would at least follow it up with an email that included the link to this landing page.

I am a recently emancipated academic, currently in an adjunct role with the University of Adelaide. I still teach quite a bit in marketing, and will do market research as required.

I wrote a PhD a few years ago that used probability theory to model consumer behaviour and create a functional form for Double Jeopardy in consumer behaviour. Quantitative method is what I love, but often there's no substitute for qual.

I tweet, a lot, from @cullenofadelaid, and invite you to - perhaps - ramble around the "Cullen of Adelaide" blog.

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