Friday, June 1, 2012

Online newspaper display ads: shit yeah

I went back to look at an old article I was quoted in. No problem. Ego stroke. It was the free version of a News Limited publication. And the ads were slapping me in the face:

How cool is that?

After trying to find my article I had no doubt as to who owned that page. To be honest, I'm getting the page for free, so deep down I know that the company that is advertising there needs to get value for their spend.

And if I want less of this glaring advertising then ffs pay a subscription. Advertiser has an app that for about $7 per month the advertising is way less aggressive.

But on the creative. In the 1990s I sold plastic packaging that had printing. But in reality it was just like big rubber stamps. A guy I love - print planning legend Frank Van Ekeren would tell me - "that's good flexographic design - solid colours, solid text, simple messages". And the same principle applies here, to branding the RAA.

Sometimes subtlety is overrated.

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