Saturday, June 9, 2012

Re-run type ratings for premieres on free to air

The commercial model is a bit broken. I don't have the answer, so I hate to be a PI (problem identifier) or a "point man" (point at a problem and do nothing about it).

Seinfeld still draws audiences. Nostalgia type viewing. "let's watch it again" - it's comfortable. Sort of how a 1am booty call works - or so I'm told.

Homer and Marge always get a run in our house. Sort of like moving wallpaper. But the audiences are not as large as for first releases.

But unfortunately for the producers of this content, the "first release" event is being done elsewhere now.

If you don't know this guy, you might not know what I'm talking about. "Game of Thrones" has just completed its second season, and is the most popular TV show to not be shown on free to air tv in Australia.

When it gets there, the viewers it gets will be either nostalgic, or without the wherewithal to get hold of the series over the last few years. Hardly a recipe for strong ad revenue.

I'm told that "once upon a time" is a great show, I'm looking forward to it, and haven't got to see it yet. But I could have.

It won't be the death of free to air tv. A great many people just have tv as the fabric of their life and as the networks serve up the content in their own time, the populace will consume it.

Although I can't help but think many of these first releases are a little like re-runs to many viewers. So there are opportunities for advertisers to work out what they want to do.

And to the producers, I can assure you that your many of passionate followers don't like to be criminals. There is no reasonably priced iTunes for tv shows. I'll do the math one day and work out what the foregone ad revenue would be for a viewer who watches their show via "shady means". I expect that 50 cents for a download would cover that loss neatly, even taking into account the many, many people who wouldn't take it up.

Perhaps take note of the iTunes example. Create a viable alternative, the consumers will drift that way and you have the foundation to shut down the shady methods.

As for advertising, there's plenty of opportunity for innovation there.

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