Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Thanks for your help, I got a job"

I never tire of hearing it. I heard it a few weeks ago from a student who gained a promotion to the marketing department in Sydney and heard it again just then.

An MBA student of mine has his formal meeting tomorrow where he wins a payrise and some better conditions.

Perhaps this happens to all the lecturers. After all, it's the student's success, not mine.

But I do take pride in forcing my students out of their comfort zone and into new things. Collect real data for a market research project, crunch numbers to answer marketing questions, challenge what the textbook says and look deeper.

Or in this case, build a personal blog with your reflections on marketing stuff. Whatever they are. For this guy his bosses noticed it, and he got a new job. It happens about once a month, that I know of, with students I've had. And I'm always delighted to hear it.

After all, the lion and the mouse is real.

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  1. Good one, well done. Don't be too self-effacing: not all teac hers are educators, even fewer are mentors.