Friday, September 7, 2012

Acceptable damage: the metaphor of the butterfly

Watching Rob on the Curiosity Show thirty years ago. He told me that the spots on butterflies' and moths' wings were a defence mechanism.

An animal's eyes are the most vulnerable spots. So butterflies give something to aim for that, when hit, does not create a fatal wound. Acceptable damage.

So every time I see a butterfly that looks like this I think "how clever". Certainly better than being taken out of the game.

And it seems to be how my game has gone, at least for the past 11 or so years. I've lost plenty of battles, but none that have really mattered. I still have the respect of almost every student I've had, my marriage is surviving some challenging life phases and family (immediate and extended) is strong. Even picked up some education and ticked the odd box in the odd academics' world.

So, given that life will certainly offer a few more shocks, if they're all like the ones so far, we'll be fine.

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