Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ants bumping into each other

I still don't know if it's about weight of people traffic or something to do with the personality of the culture. But I found that when I was in Hong Kong from ten years ago people would be forever bumping into each other - and me - like ants in a nest. They seemed to not look further than a half metre in front of them. It had led me to this uncharitable thought:

"I swear if you put two Hong Kongers in different parts of a football oval they'd find a way to bump into each other"

So for about ten years I've wondered whether it is any better anywhere else. In equal concentrations, would Aussies, Americans, Englishmen bump into each other as much?

There's lots of bumping here in Singapore and - yes - whenever it gets busy in Adelaide I see the same thing. So I don't think the people in any particular country are better or worse, as far as looking where they're going.

It just seems that way, depending upon which country I'm in. It probably says more about me, to be honest.

And I was wrong about HK. I miss the place, haven't been there for six years now.

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