Monday, September 10, 2012

Bad three years ago means no customer today

I am in tourism spend mode. I'm in a tourism Mecca and have peeled off $100 notes at a time, easily, for doing stuff. It's how things go.

And my dad lives as a local in this tourism Mecca. As we were on a jaunt today (approx $500 spend) I mentioned in my time left that I'd try to fit in a bungy jump.

Dad: "I'd never support that business" and told me a story of how after waiting in line as a local for an hour or so, a tour guide ushered their 30 or so international tourists ahead.

For me it's not such a big deal where I spend my time or money. Dad's story was enough for me to pick something else. I'm running out of days as it goes.

This is complex. But it's a problem for A J Hackett, more than it is for me. So Hackett has now lost my $169, but then on that day he pushed through thirty bodies, and kept an agent happy.

But in my Dad, he's built antipathy with a local, and they rely o n locals when international trade goes quiet.

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