Friday, September 21, 2012

Jim Larkin, an $18 beer has been a privilege

I was in the thick of som yuk around this time last year. Strangely enough I was in Singapore while it was all going on as I also am now. But it was gonna hurt, and much of it was crap I brought to myself.

I found myself in an unlikely duo with Jim Larkin; quant guy, teaches stats and is often accused of being in his own world a little. (ok Jim?)

We went for a walk on the quay. Bought a couple of beers quayside. The bill came and it was THIRTY SIX BUCKS.

We both did the haka, where we slap our bodies for money and apparently I had more, and paid. Cool.

But there was always the WTF?! $18 a beer? A few people have told me I got skinned. I withheld judgement.

But I returned to Clarke Quay tonight. Undeterred. Well, a little deterred but willing to learn. I soaked up the atmosphere. I looked at the lights over the water. I watched the rugby at the bar until they pitched me because I hadn't bought a beer. I dawdled past the Crazy Elephant which served as a Mecca for an ex boss.

I returned to the quayside bar where they were lovely. And I asked about the price of a beer.

"yes sir that would be $22 a pint"

Hahahahahahahahahaahahhhha the !

Jim. The $18 for a beer was a bargain. Not just because it's less than the price I just got told, but because I got to share it with you.

And so I wandered through the quay in the fairyland they've created. I sit at a new bar and order a beer. Trepidacious.

Whew. Only $12.80. Anyone speak of an "anchoring effect" in pricing studies? Servicescape in marketing?

Anyhoo Jim. What a beer. Thanks, a friend when I really, really needed one.

I'm possibly in a little clear air for now. I hope you travel well, too.

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