Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pizza Hut: The earliest days

We were doing some tidying up at mum's place the other day. We a little sadness I cut up a 40 year old green toybox from my childhood to throw it out. But not before my brother took a photo of the inside of the lid:

And it made me think what an innovation it was. Pizza Hut, a licensed restaurant. A real family night out. They had the first ever salad bar I could tell, thousand island dressing was all the rage, garlic bread was exotic, we'd sprinkle Parmesan on the pizza. Because pizza was made to order, kids would have a puzzle sheet placemat and free red pencils for while they were waiting. Deliveries were unheard of.

At that time (mid 1970s) the Pizza Hut an Pizza Palace were jostling for the "king of the branded pizza joint" - both spend good money on tv ads.

Somebody won.

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