Friday, September 21, 2012

Servicescape fail in Singapore: How unfortunate

What an interesting application of a service problem with cultural overtones. Here in Singapore at **** a foot massage is a fair price, with a good quality core service.

The whole package, is suppose is supposed to include soft lighting, relaxing music. General peacefulness. They probably don't advertise having other people's kids being a little ratty in the place.

Nope, can't see it written there. So this - I suppose poses somewhat of a problem for them.

That's mum getting a back massage behind the ruckus.

There are at least six people in that room who didn't expect to be sitting in a crèche. And the fact that the Singaporean culture is so loving and tolerant of young children means that I don't think anyone in the shop even imagines that they delivered a substandard package, this time (an in this one customer's perception) And to be the one who mentions it would just make me a grumblebum.

Servicescape is made up of ambient factors, design factors and social factors (including other customers). In this case two of three were compromised, but it's not enough to stop me returning. I just need to hope. Hope for an absence of OPKs, other people's kids.

And hence another issue of providing a service product: variability. And as the kids have left and I begin to relax I reflect: yes I am a grumblebum.

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