Friday, September 28, 2012

Sports metaphor: "Fumble the ball"

I love sports metaphors. To be honest I love just about all metaphors.

But a favourite is when we talk about "dropping the ball" or "fumbling the ball" in business. On the eve of the AFL grand final it's great for me to talk about.

One of the best managers I have ever had, Rod Davis of Cryovac, was an AFL fanatic. Five days a week, plus some SANFL with his West Adelaide. And off season all the draft action. And the football style (done well) is one I still love. I hear that a past head of school at Adelaide Commerce had that approach.

Anyhoo, AFL is a fast moving game and (surprising because it's called "football") you need clean hands. You simply cannot afford for any uncertainty when it comes to ball handling.

So I remember hearing Rod in his office fending off a witch hunt that was out for me -not undeserved in that particular case. "Bob, I don't think anybody fumbled the ball. I think there was just crap everywhere and it happened to look like it was one person's fault". (my interpretation - but I did hear the first eight words)

Rod idolised Mick Malthouse and from what I've seen about Rod - and Malthouse, so do I.

And the "fumble the ball, drop the ball" metaphor remains as powerful as ever. As is my respect for a boss who will wear some heat from above, so the people he manages can get on with their shit. I've had it since, as well, but not as often as you'd hope.

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