Monday, September 10, 2012

You be the boss today, I'll be the boss tomorrow

I misunderstood my father in law's point when I misquoted him in a recent post about bosses and how we're all in the mix.

No, Luigi's point is way more sinister but just as relevant.

No, Luigi is not sinister but the quote "you be the boss today I'll be the boss tomorrow" comes from a lifetime of being a highly competent tradesman (some have called him a tilelaying artisan)

When a client tells Luigi that a job must be done certain way, no matter that 50 years of experience means Luigi knows what he's talking about when he says "the tiles will crack" or "that will leak". If the client will not be convinced then Luigi has no choice but to accede.

But Luigi has a way of pointing out that when it goes wrong, to remember the discussion.

So you be the boss today, I'll be the boss tomorrow is Luigi's way of saying "when I'm proven right, can we agree to do the job my way?"

You'd hope he wouldn't have to do the new work for free, but somehow I don't think it goes that way.

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